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Covid-19 Risk Assessment

For photography at Schools during Covid-19 Pandemic

Activity / Process / Operation:

Taking photographs of students and teachers in any School during COVID-19 pandemic.

Identify the hazards (anything that can cause harm):

  1. Person to person contact
    2. Person to object/material contact (e.g. backdrops, tables, door handles, etc)

Who might be harmed and how?

  1. Members of the school & photographers could be at an increased risk of contracting COVID-19, putting them at risk of serious illness.

Estimate Risk Level (High ‘H’ | Medium ‘M’ | Low ‘L’)


What measures are in place to reduce the risk?

  1. Photographer has referred closely to government guidance including but not exhaustively:
  1. Photographer to maintain high levels of hygiene at all times. This includes regular cleaning of equipment & work area.
    – Wiping down backdrops.
    – Wear face mask when indoors.
    – Wiping down tables in use.
    – Photographer to wash hand frequently following government guidelines.
    – No handshaking on entry to the school.
    – Hand sanitiser used in-between bubbles.
    – Keep 2meters apart from all school staff & students at all times.
  2. Photographer to maintain high levels of personal hygiene, including handwashing, at all times and to be alert of possible hygiene issues.
  3. Photographer and school staff/students to maintain social distancing in line with government guidance. Photographer to achieve this by stepping away when the client enters the photography area and directing them to position. Photographer and school staff & students to be alert to social distancing guidance and take personal responsibility for maintaining their own distance.
  4. School staff & students to maintain personal responsibility for their own hygiene practices inline with government ‘stay alert’ guidance:
    – Washing hands/using hand sanitizer on entry to the photography area.
    – Avoiding touching their face.
    – Washing hands on leaving the photography area as soon as practicably possible afterwards.
  5. Photographer to ensure a clear pathway from the door to the shooting area to ensure that school staff & students can move freely without make unnecessary or excessive contact with furniture/ objects in the room.

Estimate Risk Level (H/M/L)


What further action is needed to reduce the risk? (State actions)

Please note that although the photographer has put in place safeguards to minimize the risk of school staff & students contracting COVID-19, it is not possible to eradicate the risk completely. Therefore, the school staff & students take responsibility for their own personal health and safety and must make a personal risk assessment in order to identify whether they deem the residual risk to be too high.


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